Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Very Thankful Post

It all started last night the whole family and auntie Sam went to Zoo Lights Hudson loved it we had a really great time and it couldn't of been a better night the high that day was 60 so it just worked out perfect after that we were all starving so we headed over to Huey's and were eating. My MIL works for the City of Bartlett so she gets all the accident reports and she was asking Zach and I if we knew this girl who was our age and her name didn't sound familiar and we asked her what had happen and she went on to say that her and her son who was 4 were in a bad accident and she lost control of the car and flipped and her little boy went in to cardiac arrest and passed away my heart just drooped and I started to tear up its so sad when you lose a child in any way I knew how she was feeling but I really couldn't imagine because he was 4 it just saddens me to put my self in that family's shoes if that was Hudson I don't know what I would do The girls were little we had time with them but she had 4 years My heart is just so heavy for that family. God will heal in time as he has with Zach and I.

~I'm so Thankful for a very healthy and loving family
~My sweet little boy Hudson he completes me and amazes me everyday at what he does
~My Zach I love him more than I ever have we just keep getting closer and closer each day I just glance over at him when he is driving and I'm in just complete aha over him still after all these years we have been together
~And last but not less I'm tankful for God and what he has done for our family Taking our girls away in March but blessing me with another pregnancy in September I think that was the best Birthday present I could have ever gotten. I now get it life makes sense and I completely trust him 100% we are both in his hands and next Friday is the big Ultrasound and I pray for a very HEALTHY BABY.

I hope y'all have a great Merry Christmas

P.S  Hudson finally got his picture made with Santa I forgot to bring it today but ill try to upload it tonight for y'all its too funny.

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