Thursday, December 2, 2010


I just don't know where to start. Lets start of with how I CANT GET MOTIVATED to do anything. Blog,decorate,cook, anything I don't know if its the holidays or me missing my girls I got out the Christmas Ornaments  today and as I was going threw them and came across the few I bought the girls win I found out I was pregnant with them I got a few with the Two Peas in A Pod and I was going to put there names on them this year its just hard. Also I'm kinda upset that I really cant blog about something I really want to blog about just because I don't want some of our family to hear it threw the great vine an them be pissed of at Zach and I for not saying something to them but isn't this what this blog is about to write about stuff that's going on in your life I guess that's one of the biggest problems I just want stuff to stay in blog land and not get told to other family members Its just risky with everything we have been threw. On another note I think Zach and I are going to get a real tree tonight I have Hudson a really cute outfit just to go pick out a tree hahah. In Memphis they have always put on a light show I guess you can call it that Its called Starry Nights its a ride threw park that decorates with lights I didn't know how Hudson would react to it but we were willing to take a chance. He.Loved.It smiling,pointing,laughing,dancing and at the end he clapped it was priceless just to see his face light up. Also someone in this household broke my computer outlets to wear I cant plug anything up no camera or anything I guess I'm hoping I get a new computer for Christmas from Santa we will see. I will leave y'all with the newest ornaments that I bought a few months back to add to the tree this year I love it because it had two little girls together perfect for Mallory and Mary. I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving sorry I just skipped the Thanksgiving post Hopefully I can get on the Ball soon. P.S Its not that I don't trust anyone that reads my blog I just cant take the risk of it getting back to our family... from word of mouth

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