Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nashville,Kentucky, and Christmas Day

We had a big surprise for my MIL for Christmas Tyler her youngest son just got back earlier that week from Afghanistan we didn't think he would be able to make it home in time so Debbie didn't think she was going to get to see him so she was a little upset about it. She left to go to Bowling Green on the Wednesday before Christmas to get everything ready. That night we had Christmas with my family before we left that next morning. Tyler somehow got a flight in to Nashville so we left bright and early Thursday Morning to go pick him up. We got Tyler and grab some lunch then it was off to ICE. If you haven't heard of Ice its at the Opryland Hotel and its awesome the theme this year was Santa Clause is coming to town. I have lots of pictures for that.

Tyler and Kristin

Zach,Hudson,Kristin,and Tyler

Uncle Tyler, Daddy and Hudson

Then we left Nashville to make our way into Bowling Green Kentucky. We were going straight to eat with the family so we left Tyler and Hudson in the car and Zach and I made our way in. Debbie asked us were Hudson was and we told her that we left him in the car because he was sleeping and then Tyler walked in and said hey y'all left your kid in the car and that's when she started to cry it was really a great surprise. here is a picture of all of us

Debbie and Tyler

The Family

Zach,Hudson and I it was snowing
When we got home it had already snowed 3in and by the time we got up Christmas Morning there was 5in on the ground talk about a White Christmas.

Christmas in Kentucky 2010

Zach,Hudson,and I had the best Christmas I hope y'all had one as well.
There is another post after this one and we go to the Dr tomorrow to find out what where having please pray for a very healthy baby. Have a great day.

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