Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A little this and that plus picture

   I think this is the funniest look he is giving me.

I have been a pretty bad blogger lately lets just say we have had allot of things come up/ change in our life(more on that in a later blog). It has been crazy. Work has been terrible at the bank but hopefully its getting alittle better.
Lets see what else has been going on thats good to blog about huh yall should like this on its my Pottery Barn Story.... here it goes, I ordered Hudson the Bat Costume a few weeks ago and I had never got it so I called this last week to check on it. The girl on the customer service end goes well I don't show you have an order placed and I told her I suggest you check again because they charged me for it. She goes well Im sorry it wasn't in the warehouse so they are crediting your account back. Im sorry there what.... that was the point where I just let her have it. Long story short she talked to her manger about at least letting me know that it was out of stock instead of just crediting you back not knowing anything was wrong with your order and gave me a $20 credit on top of my refund. Im fine with that. Last Friday we were going to eat dinner and I got an email from the customer service saying my item has shipped are you freaking kidding me they just took the money back out of my account I called them and it was just a repeat of what I said before. Yesterday I get this email from them saying they have credited my money back and to just keep the costume if I still wanted it for all the trouble I was put threw. Sounds good to me now Pottery Barn is my friend again and I will be getting our family stockings from them now with my nice little credit...So Nice.

My point to PB was at least let your costumers know when there order is not being  placed because of warehouse problems.
I hope yall have a great week... 

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