Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hudson and Potty Training

So I thought this would never happen. He had no interest I always heard he will be ready on his time. My mom told me I waited to long and he was scared to go. I didn't want him to go to school in diapers and we fought about it I wanted to give up and pay some one to do it hav(so nice) but one day it just clicked he wanted to wear big boy underwear and potty on his potty chair. We went out and bought Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse, Car, and dinosaur underwear. He has only wet the bed about 3xs since the whole month he had been potty trained. Our fault because we gave him drinks past 8. Never again!!!! Things are better now and much easier. He loves his underwear and does not have any accidents. I will not wait as long to start Holden. I throw him on the potty too sometimes :)... Heres some pictures of our potty training month haha enjoy!!!! I forgot to add I would bribe him that he could watch Dinosaur Train on the Potty in the living room of he would go haha don't judge you do what you got to do!!!!

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