Friday, September 30, 2011

Mommy Fail(waiting for poop)

So let's guess the pictures on how I had a mommy fail!!!!

What do you get when you have this

And mix it with this

Well you guessed it. Paper clip down the mouth. It all started on tuesday morning we were getting ready for school. Hudson was in Zach's office and Hudson likes to play with the paper clips. We were about to leave and he had a massive blow out. I went to change him and it was leaking threw his jeans so I put him on the bed and didn't realize he had a paper clip in his mouth. He only gagged for a sec when I realized what had happened it was already to late. I quickly got Zach and called the Dr. The nurse asked some questions and reassured me its ok this happens allot. I felt terrible so they told me if he started acting funny or complain to bring him in if not wait for him to poop it out well after two days and two poops later there is still no paper clip. The Dr. said if it doesn't come out in a few days we need to do an xray. NICE. As of right now he has been running around, eating and playing non stop so the paper clip really hasn't effected him. Im still really kinda worried and if it doesn't come out today Im calling the Dr again. I fill so bad and cant believe this happened on my watch. Sp I never thought I would be so excited to see my child poop and hope there is a nice surprise for us.

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