Saturday, January 28, 2012

Holden 8 Months

Holden you were 8 months on January 25.
This month has been so much fun and your are more active than ever. You do this thing with your head were you throw it back and look around. It's pretty funny.

So much has happened this month you had your first ear infection and your first real boo boo on your forehead.

You weight 16lbs8oz I'm so glad you are putting on some weight
You love eating and will try anything. I'm still making your baby food and it's so much fun. Your in a size 2 diaper and I put you in a 3 at night just in case you leak which has happened a time or to.

You can make some of the funniest faces and are wearing a size 6 to 9 months but can still fit in most 3 to 6 months. Which is working out pretty good because that means you will be able to Hudson's summer Jon Jon's all threw the summer!!!! Yippee.

Huh you talking to me.?.

You should be crawling soon your so close you love rocking back and forth and you love you exersaucer!!!!! You can play for hours with your toys.

This was the other day we skipped a nap and this is what I got

Poor tired little boy

Another thing is this child loves loves loves him some wheel of fortune
Always watching it and we can't do anything else if it's on.

He so much smaller than Hudson ever was at this age and I'm not complaining because I love it. He is still kinda like a little newborn. He never cries And is happy go lucky. I'm so blessed with having two sweet boys who are great and so laid back. I can honestly say I'm truly one lucky girl to have all my boys!!! Loving my family.

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