Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Look Back Into Last Week

Last week had its up and downs mainly ups. There was alot going on last week. Hudson starting Preschool and Mallory and Marys 1 year Birthday. lets start of with the best and most positive Hudson absolutely love school. I didn't know how he would react he was a great happy baby and now has progressed to a very easy going happy toddler. Zach had to go to a meeting so I was the only one who took him to school. We got up ate a great breakfast got ready and made his lunch. I got the cutest lunchbox from Pottery Barn and it came in right in time.
I put him in the car and the whole way there I was wondering how he would react if he would just walk on in or cry for me when I left. Boy was I wrong. We walked down the hallway and I started to talk to his teachers they are really nice and sweet. We washed his hands and I gave him a kiss and he sat down and ate his snack and that was it. No crying or anything just a wave bye bye. That was easy I was sad but I know it will teach him many things. Then the second day I thought he would cry because he knew what was coming Nope I didn't even get a kiss this time that made me sad. They said his first day he did great just sat back and took everything in. The next day he was a pro everyone was shocked how well he was doing they said it was like he had been there all year. ;(  Here are some pics of his first week at school.
                                                               Lunch Box
                                                                First Day of School
                                                                  Sorry bad bad iPhone pic

Then we celebrated the girls birthday that day was a little hard for me I was sad so Sam keep me busy we went to lunch and I picked up some flowers and angel statues for the girls graves. Then later that night Zach,Hudson and I went to go visit them. They are barred in the angels garden which is strictly for Babies and Toddlers. We fixed there flowers and put there stuff up it was really pretty. Hudson made us laugh to on there arrangement I put a sparkly heart on the flower and Hudson picked it up thinking it was a Peep ha-ha this kid id to funny. Then we enjoyed a nice dinner and Zach took care of Hudson for the rest of the night so I could have some time for myself. So Sweet.

My mind is fried with this pregnancy so Im probably missing out on some stuff  I just cant think. A lot of stuff is going on and its crazy Im 7months pregnant and were looking for a house. I told Zach he better take care of the situation before Little Holden comes Im in full nursery planning with no nursery ugh it will be ok. Hudson's Nursery didn't get finished untill a week before he was born haha. I will do a post probably tomorrow with ideas for Holdens nursery. Have a great day

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