Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pictures with Santa

Let's just start off by saying Hudson is terrified of Santa. Here is last years picture of him with Santa.

Friday we were out of town and went to the mall we had to bypass Santa because Hudson was screaming. Monday at school Santa came to visit them I warned them he was scared of Santa and they said the wouldn't push it. I said if he does get up there take a picture. Ha I got to school and was waiting for them to tell me that he wasn't on Santa's lap this is what they showed me

Yep the little terd is on his lap not crying I couldn't believe it.

Tonight we went to the mall to see if he would get on Santa's lap we figured Holden would go with the flow. Hudson started to whine when he saw him he had a basket full of treats. We put Holden on his lap and convinced Hudson to get on his lap. He is standing on the side of Santa

I'm so happy I got a picture of both the boys with no crying. I am very proud of Hudson.

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