Monday, July 5, 2010

4 th of July Weekend Recap

We had so much fun this weekend It was really great and we all needed it. The whole family came in from New Mexico, Bowling Green and so forth. It started off Friday I got off work at 1:00 which was no big deal then I got home and Auntie Sam came over while Zach went to work for a bit so Sam, Hudson and I went to our favorite store Target to pick up a few things. Then Saturday we got up and ready to have some fun. Hudson loves the water and we work with him almost every single day were teaching him how to swim and go under water and he loves going under water here is a picture of him going all the way under. He already knows how to hold his breath.

 Now please dont freak out we were there the whole time we do this in swimming classes

then after that Sam and I made another Target run to go buy him a wagon we thought since the poor baby dont have enough stuff ha-ha he needed a wagon for the fireworks. We go every year and the MIL is in charge of them so we always make an appearance. He loved his wagon we put Amber his cousin in there with him to kinda hold on to him and feed him a bottle on the way home. We didn't know how he would do with the loud noise but he loved them which was great.

Here are some pictures of the us at the fireworks.

                                           Nana and Mimi

                                         This one is my all time favorite

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July and thanks to all our troops fighting over seas and to Tyler we miss and love you and come home safe.

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  1. I love the pic with the gradmas. He is lookin at someone in the distance like please get me away from these fools before they rip me in half lol