Thursday, July 15, 2010

OMG Hudson Is 11 Months only One More Month To Go

So yes my sweet little baby boy is 11 Months I cant believe how much his personality has changed in the past few weeks. He is getting so big so fast its kinda sad. Anyways here is what Hudson is up to at 11 months.

~One Im not proud of He can throw a fit like its nobodies business

~He can stand by himself for a pretty good amount of time

~Done with most of the baby food (the last bit is about to run out) other than that he eats with us big pep food

~He has two bottom teeth so cute I love when he smile at me and you can see them

~Takes 2 naps during the day

~Loves eating and throwing a fit when the food runs out

~Barley in size 3 diapers

~Wears 12 months in clothes

~Can say Ba Ba, Mama, Dada, Dog, Belle, Yeah and a few more babbles

~Takes 3 bottles morning,mid day, bedtime

~Does not like to be held allot Mr Independent

Laughs all the time, crawls, loves everything but his toys (cords,coasters,pots,pans,etc)
Im probly leaving a lot out Im trying to multi task ha

We are in full blown party planning mode, Got invitations, ordering decorations from etsy, ordering the cake and more more more this weekend. Ive got my list and Im checking it off.

Have a great weekend

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  1. Haha birthday shopping...can we say spoiled?!