Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not A Team Player

Well I was told at work today that I was not a Team Player because I wouldn't help one of the lazy ass girls to help do her job (um Im not the vault teller, Im not getting paid extra to do you job UM K THANKS) now back to where I was So I frankly told her I was busy doing some of our test that we had to do. So for that Im not a team player... Just let me tell you why Im not a team player anyway as you all know who ever has been following me for a while I lost my twin baby girls in the beginning of March They told me to take off so I took off for two weeks (which was not long enough) we had to plan a funeral and get everything prepared. Well about a month ago my boss comes to me to tell me I had gotten wrote up and that I needed to sign this piece of paper for being gone  when the girls passed away WTF up until that point I loved loved loved my job I would do anything for them come in early stay later if I needed to but since I got wrote up it a whole nother ball game Im pissed I HATE MY JOB but I go cause I like some of the people who work there ( I said some)haha but other than that I told them that it was bullshit that I got wrote up its not like I wanted this to happen my god I would  doing anything possible to have my girls with us again. So folks me being bitter because they wrote me up because the girls death= me not being a Team Player........Sorry once you piss me off on a stupid reason like that I get just A LOT   little bitter and yes I do hold a grudge pretty well to if I do say so myself.

So no Im not a Team Player. I will never ever go out of my way for them anymore..
PS why did she wait so long to write me up for the girls....I dont understand

Thanks for reading my vent post any way my Due Date for the girls was supposed to be July 20 in 7 days please pray that I get through that hard day....


  1. ohhh friend....I am soooo sorry about ur beautiful girls! and I'm sooo sorry you work for such a stinkin jerk at work! Seriously do they have no class or a shred of decency in their bones! I know it will be hard to not let what they say hurt you, but YOU know how insane it is what they said! I would have come back with...well I won't be a team player for a while so bite me....(that is if i didn't want my job) haha

    Big hugs for the due date coming up! you're in my prayers!

  2. Im still thinking of calling and cancelling my bank account with them and making sure they know that it is because of the way they treat their employees. Compassion for other human beings goes a long way when running a business & this incident obviously shows what kind of moral character they are instilling in their company. People aren't dispensable things! Ahh...now theres my vent for the day hahaha.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am just so in love my little Lydia and love sharing her with the world. I am so sorry about your little girls and my heart goes out to you, they are in my prayers and know that God has a special plan for your little angels.