Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010

July 20,2010 this was supposed to be my Due Date of where my baby girls would have been born, they were supposed to be born, not in March when they came. I dont even know what to say I'm deeply saddened today and i just want to curl up and cry, Yes granted they would have  come much earlier than today but today is still the Due Date. Instead of me being in the hospital having my most precious and amazing little girls I will be at the cemetery putting new flowers and Angels on there grave.  This was not how I wanted this day to be and I wasn't wanting to visit the girls this way, I want them in my arms. I will just snuggle up to my sweet baby Hudson. It was crazy when the girls were born and how much they resembled him.

I Miss You Baby Girls More Than You Will Ever Know, But I Know Yall Are Watching Over Us. I Love You and Miss You So Much. Love Mommy........