Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back In The Saddle Again

Long Post Alert Im Sorry but I Threw in A Few Pictures To Break It Up

Hudson Helping Me Do Dishes

So Zach and I finally had the Big Talk last week. I told him that I wanted to get off my birth control in August so my body will be clear and everything out of my system so we can start trying again in the fall after Hudson's 1st Birthday. We always knew we wanted the kids to be close together and were ready to start trying again. This is what I want and this is what I need. We are very firm with our decision and we will not be telling any family of our plans because frankly its none of there business we dont want to be told we should wait we dont want to be told its to soon and last but not least I dont think its a good idea as we plan to get pregnant around Christmas Time an the beginning of the year I would love to have a Fall/Halloween Baby. I just want another baby. Im physical ready and this is what we want. Im ready and I will start to prepare my body for getting ready I will be going to the gym everyday rather than every other day and I will start taking my vitamins again. Im very happy with my decision and Im ready to get started again.

On another not we had a wonderful weekend it started off Friday which was kinda a sad day for me between putting a contract on a house getting pressured to buy Zachs moms house (I think she is ready to go and move on after everything she has been threw in that house) she would really like us to buy it from her but its just not enough room for us with Zachs office and all our stuff to fit in the home or park the cars and trailers. Thats another post for another day although I would love that house Zach and I have so many memories in that house from when we were little. So with my emotions running crazy that day I just needed a good cry and zach was there for me. He asked what I wanted to do that night and I told him I really just wanted to stay home and eat take out and watch movies. It was so much fun and so low key.

                                      Who me Im not doing anything Mom

Saturday was a new day I kinda felt refreshed  and needed some retail therapy so Hudson and I woke up to the door bell ringing bright and early and who was it Auntie Sam we always have so much fun together Zach always jokes that we are each others shadows Ha So what did we do grab Hudson and did some shopping as always Hudson lucked up and got some new outfits and we went and got some party favors for his Birthday. Then came home and zach grilled it was so fun.

                                           Love this picture he reminds me of Billy Joel
And now for Today it was super low key just us playing with Hudson and cleaning and making dinner. Im sorry for the long post and who ever made it threw Thanks. Ill leave you with some weekend pictures of Hudson. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

                              Some one got into my purse

            Hudson and I hope yall have a great Monday

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  1. Hahaha that pic of Bella is priceless!! And you need to be putting up pics of his new outfits too! :)