Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy,Busy,Busy Party Planning Mode

Hudson is going to be 1 in 18 Days (oh yes the countdown has begun). So we have so much going on in August First and for most the 14th is Hudsons Birthday and Birthday Party we having been in party planning mood its not even funny. Then on the 15th we are having his 1 year old pictures done by Shannon Payne she does really great work and has shot his pictures before. Then on Aug 21-29 We are going on vacation it is much need and is going to be alot of fun. Zach,Me,Hudson,Auntie Sam and my Dad is going with us I cant wait.

Back to party planning mode. Last night we made his wreath its a ribbon wreath and turened out really cute, as well as a picture frame for him. Tonight we are going to wrap his birthday presents Im really pleased at how everything is turning out. We also got Pales to put the party favors in for all the kids. I could have not done it without Sam. Zach just sits back and watches and laughs and says I cant beleave you all are doing all this for him hes not going to remember but we will have pictures for him to see when he gets older. I ordered his Birthday Bib and his cakesmashing outfit from ETSY and it came last night so I'll post pictures of that tonight to it turned out really cute as well.

The invites have been sent out, going to order the cake today and then go and get tables for everyone to eat dinner at (Were feeding everyone cause the party is at 5) then order balloons and table cloths and get food and drinks and i think we might be set. Like I said I will post  pictures of everything tonight I hope yall have a wonderful day.

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