Friday, May 14, 2010

9 Months and Exciting News

Today Zach and I went house looking I love going house looking. We came across this house in Bartlett that has 4 acres thats awesome to find that much land in Bartlett. It has a Log Cabin on the property as well as the house and it also has a horse barn that has electricity and plumbing (like we have horses) but its a great deal and hopefully not to much of a fixer upper.We have an appointment with our Realtor tomorrow Super Excited..... Now for Mr Hudson 9 Month check up

                                                        What is Hudson up to at 9 Months
~He is 28in long
~He weighs 21lbs
~Still in size 3 diapers
~Is talking up a storm/// Mama,Dada,Bob,Bye Bye,Nana,Vroom,Boom, and all the lalas, blah blahs
Eating solids and some table food(chicken,cheese puffs(Thanks Dada)pancakes,and Pretty much anything else the boy can get in his mouth O he loves cheese shredded cheese.
~Crawling UM NO like I said he hates tummy time always has but he finds his way of getting around just fine. Scooting,army crawling, and last but not least rolling around from room to room.
~We got him a walker and he scoots int hat thing right after the dogs its so funny he just laughs.
~Would rather try to walk then crawl He stands for about 5 seconds by himself
~In the Pretty Clothes as Zach would say 12months, Reg clothes 9~12months
~ And I might mention HE IS SO MUCH FUN at this age.

                            Such A Big Boy


  1. Great pics! Good luck with the house visit -I hope it all works out :)

  2. YAY! Good luck with the house!! Keep us posted!

    & Hudson...he's just too dang cute.

  3. Thats so exciting about the house!!! Hope everything works out for you guys!

    Hudson is so adorable! Kayla just turned 9 Months and YES they are so much fun right now