Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Pool

That's right its Summer Time and its Pool Time I'm loving it and apparently Hudson does to. So yesterday we went swimming and Hudson wasn't scared at all which is not surprising he loves getting a bath so I always figured he would like the pool. I used to let him get in the bath with me when he was a baby instead of the the baby bath tub he has always enjoyed it. It turned out to be a pretty day so we soaked it up. Oh and the cute little turtle float below is no more so RIP Turtle the dog ate it up. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day.

 Oh I also have a blog question how do you get your blog name on the pictures you post and also how do you change the header to put a few pictures in it if any one know please leave me directions....Thanks O and I also cant leave a comment any more on the other blogs HELP.




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