Monday, May 24, 2010

A Few Updates

Lets just start off by saying that Ron is not doing to great. They called us back up to the hospital yesterday and told us to bring some comfy clothes it wasn't looking good. Turns out he has a really bad infection he has a phenomia ( think I spelled it right) in both lungs plus a collapsed lung and his body is poisoning itself, apparently when they brought him in some of his insides were on the pavement (sorry TMI) So its really bad Ive never been in so much shock to see someone like that since I lost the girls. It never ends with our family and it seems to happen every other month. It all started in January Debbie was walking outside in 60 degree weather and slipped on black ice from earlier that week when it was cold and had to have surgery with plates and screws in her foot, then March rolls around and Zach and I lose our baby girls, and now onto May Ron gets in a really bad motorcycle wreck and the odds are defiantly against him we really need a miracle we just cant take any more. If he does end up pulling threw this he will be paralyzed from the chest down. But there saying he probably wont make it. Its just so sad and hes a really good person. Just please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

The one time I forget to bring the highchair cover we got to The Log Cabin Restaurant that is amazing they give us a highchair and I about had a heart attack that had to of been the nastiest highchair Ive ever seen. Ugh it was bad I got a picture to show y'all but I accidentally erased it.

Now I swear I will never do this again I have been bad about not getting photos developed since he was a month old I know bad Mommy so as the months came and went so did my picture taking so I had two days to upload my photos and get them developed all 989 of them yes you heard right (sigh) So I got them developed and it freaking cost me an arm and a leg $98 yes I have learned my lesson I will never go that long without getting photos developed. But on a good note I'm getting my hair done tomorrow SO EXCITED I'm going back to being a blonde again. I haven't been Blonde well before Hudson was born woo woo. Hope everyone had a great Monday.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Ron :( I will keep him in my prayers-and your family, too, of course.

  2. I'm so sorry. I hope Ron pulls through and that things start looking brighter soon. xoxo