Monday, May 3, 2010

Hudson,Mary, and Mallory

Today this lady called about a Candle Lamp we had made for the girls. We used some of there flowers from the girls funeral. It took about a month to make they had to dry out the flowers and put them in the candle mold. Its pretty neat how they do it. So I'm posting a picture of it and there little area. I have the lamp a picture of Mallory Graces feet and Mary Graces feet. I also have the figurines of Mom, Dad, and baby, And figurines of two twins I Love It.

Now Onto Hudson
So this weekend was a very eventful weekend, First we got bombarded with rain, storms, and tornado warning galore. I love storms but this weekend was crazy. Saturday morning I had to work and these fools at the bank were coming in wanting to get like $25  out. I'm like seriously your going to risk your life for a few bucks STUPID PEOPLE. Tornado sirens were going off half off Bartlett was flooded and to top it off the computers crashed Woot Woot you know what that means we finally got to go home early. Then it calmed down for just a little bit. Sam and I left Daddy and Hudson safe at home and went to Target and SAM'S. We then went to our friends Lindsay and Cory's baby shower. After that it was off to eat. Then just made it home before the storm hit again. Sunday it was so pretty outside once again Sam, Hudson and I went to the outside mall in Collierville once again Hudson lucked out and got everything. We went to the Gap and got Hudson some swimming trunks then it was off to Toys R Us let me just tell you we went crazy in there hes getting so big so fast and he is at such a fun age. Then Aunt Sam thought he So Cute. I also got him so toys to play in the sand with and we also got him a swing. He loves it we push him and he just giggles and laughs. Here are some pictures from over the weekend.

 I love this one both have a smirk on there face

Hudson on the snail

Big Boy Chair Like Ours


  1. I love love love the lamp!! It's beautiful!!!

  2. The candle lamp is so pretty! And Hudson is adorable :) I am glad you are safe and got thru those storms ok! And thanks for your comment on my other blog - you are sweet xxx Hugs xxx

  3. that lamp is beautiful! how perfect!
    and hudson looks adorable in his little rompers!

  4. I love the lamp! What a great idea!! Hudson is getting big SO fast!!