Friday, April 30, 2010

My Sweet (Spoiled) Baby? What have we done.!.

Well Hello Again, not much was going on yesterday so I wasn't going to boar y'all. So about the title yes my child has been spoiled, I guess its because there is someone always at my house Nana's, Mimi's, Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Sam, and always Grampy Bob. This kid is always held never has to crawl, nor roll around until its to his advantage. I mean stuff he is not supposed to have, From day 1 he has despised tummy time I mean when we put him on his tummy he screams Bloody Murder like you have just killed this child. So this morning he was playing on his blanket and I had just vacuumed the floor last night normal when he is on the blanket playing and he rolls/falls on his belly he SCREAMS but not this morning as I was catching up on my blogs I noticed he had fell and wasn't crying I'm thinking why is this, well I figured out why there was something on the floor that my trusty Dyson didn't pick up. He is on his belly army crawling to get to this little spot trying to pick it up. So we have also noticed that he is playing us. He screams we go pick him up and what we have also notice is he will do anything he wants as long as its to his advantage, Dang he has already taken after me. Well I hope all of you have a great weekend its supposed to storm this whole weekend and I love it. I love Thunderstorms. Oh and for all you fellow Memphians who are going to Music Fest you crazy peps have fun out in the rain. AHA I remember the good ole times standing in the MUD listing to some good music to be young again ha ha J/J. Have a great weekend as well, Here are some pics of this morning.

Playing with his new ball

Trying to pick something off the carpet