Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today Is

Today was not a good day. I really had the girls on my mind today. I haven't had a bad day in about 2 weeks. Today it hit me. Hard..... I guess it was pick a fight with anyone day. Lets see, I about let anyone and everyone on my sight know what was on my mind. Get ready because this is a vent post. So if you don't want to read it Don't. Now lets get started I don't know what brings it on but I still breakdown. Lets see the first thing I hate is needy people I don't care if it my FAMILY or friends. My god cant you do any thing on your own instead of ruining every one Else's day. Its not like people can stop what there doing and haul your ass around to all the hardware shops just so your house can get fixed. Like I said NEEDY people. Now on to the next thing You got to love when other people feed your baby the wrong time a day to where his schedule is all jacked up and now the kid wont go to bed because of an early dinner and a late nap. As I sit here and watch Hudson who is playing on the couch when hes supposed to be in bed. Like I said my family and friends didn't really do anything wrong I guess I just wanted to find something to bitch about. On another note though it does piss me off about the Hudson thing. And one more thing I hate Sam and I were walking in Kroger and this older man couldn't find a parking spot so what did he do whipped it into the handicap spot. So I looked at Sam and said as he was walking right by us, I didn't no being old meant you were a handicap. That just makes me mad as well. Oh and another thing I hate is when you call someone and they don't answer. I mean anyone why in the Hell do you have a phone. I had an emergency today and no one could answer the freaking phone to help me. I was trying to put my new fancy umbrella up and it wasn't working. Thank God my Sammy was her she always pulls through for me. if you reading this I love you Sam. Not to mention when you get to work and have the crappiest customers come to your window. Well I'm sorry to be a Negative Nancy but I rather vent to y'all then someone else. I love you Zach thanks for being so great. After all what happens in Blog land stays in Blog land. Hope everyone had a wonderfully HUMP day.

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