Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun Day, Sun Day

 Today Sam,Hudson and I are going to the park. Its a great day the sun is out and I cant wait to get him on the swings. Then were going to go grab some food then go to some of my fav shops in Arlington. I die when I go to the shops cause I spend a ton of money on clothes for Hudson. This weekend were also going to start planning for Hudsons First Birthday. I know it might be a little early but you can never be to prepared. I think were going to do a under the sea theme or something with turtles. im saying Turtles because thats what we call him is our little turtle. Everythime we would go get an Ultra Sound when I was pregnant with him he would put his hands and arms up by his face. Like a turtle hiding in his shell. I will post pictures when we get back home of us at the park. Have a great Thursday.

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