Monday, April 26, 2010

What we did today( I've been Replaced)

Well lets see we woke up ran around with Zach today. Hudson and I always love running around with DA DA as Hudson would say. Our first stop was Lowe's. I'm so excited to grow my little garden again it helps me relieve stress ans hopefully the garden will grow nice and big with our little angels watching over it. I also got a big pot with all these pink, light pink, and white flowers/Lilly's for the girls. It made me a little sad this weekend when we were shopping at Happy Heart in Arlington they have so many cute girl stuff  I could see my sweet little girls in there cute matching dresses it makes me want to cry on how bad I want to have a little girl. The dream was ripped right out from under me. I guess I'm getting a little sad because the dreadful Tuesday is right around the corner. It will be almost 2 months since the girls were taking away. I know I have my wonderful little boy that I'm so grateful for but I'm not going to lie I long for a girl. Our family will then be complete. Anyways enough on that. On to the next thing Ive been replaced at least for today. Today was all about Dada Hudson wanted nothing to do with me today unless Dada did something wrong. He wanted Zach to hold him and only Zach. That made me fill like Shit but hey That's How The Cookie Crumbles. All about Dada just playing its good for little boys to love there Dada's. It was only one day.

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  1. I just read your about me section and I am in tears. So sorry about your little girls, I have no words of encouragement as I have not gone through that and pray I never will. I don't think I would have the strengh that you have. Thanks for following my blog ;)