Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mommy of The Year

Lets just start off by saying I get the Mommy of the Year Award. Why you might ask, because Hudson, Sam and I went to the park yesterday, then went shopping in Arlington. We met Nana which is my Mom because she is the grandma that keeps Hudson in style she has very expensive taste always has and always will, unlike Mimi that doesn't buy him the cute clothes. Thank God for my Mom. Mimi does allot for us to though.

First lets just start at the Mommy of the Year. Hudson was in the swing having so much fun (my kid is fearless) I'm pushing him and he is loving it. He then decides to lean forward and almost falls out (not really but enough to scare mommy big gasp) so their is number 1. Good ole number 2 comes at its really kinda warm and a little cloudy   Hazy Nana goes does he have sunscreen on in the nagging voice he he I said Of Course He Does!!!! God mom what kind of Mother would I Be. I guess the mother that I am the one that forgets to put sunscreen on her baby I know slap on the hand. Hey I'm still kinda new to the whole Mommy role of Summer Time at least. Anyways here are some pictures of us at the park, and the pictures of the 2 of the outfits we got him for 4th of July, and he also got 2 birthday outfits that are getting monogrammed. My pic are taking forever so it only downloaded one freaking picture. Ill fix it tommorrow Im going to bed.

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