Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Award Time

I'm a little late on this one.

Thanks Sarah @thelittlebarrasfamily.blogspot.com for the Gorgeous Blogger Award


1) accept and thank the person who gave you this award

2)List 10 things about yourself

3)List 5 additional things you don't like

4)List 10 other fellow blogger

So here We go

1)I'm obsessed with TV (Glee, all the CW shows)

2)I love working Ive worked since I was 12.

3)I hate when people cut me off or pull out in front of me but its OK when I do it. ;)

4)My favorite season is Fall.

5)Ive been in love once

6)My dad and I were born in St Louis, my mom and brother were born in Memphis

7)I'm love going to the tanning bed.

8)I Loved being pregnant(no matter how it turned out)

9)I love shopping and cant get out of Target without spending $50 Bucks every time

10)I don't regret anything I have ever done.

Now for the 5 things I don't like

1) I don't like fake people, or people who use you.

2) I don't like people who drive slow or try to act cool in there cars.

3) I don't like being rushed

4) I don't like when people stare( My god take a picture)

5) I don't like ungrateful people.

Now for the lucky blogger

1) babyfeverblog.blogspot.com

2)Haley@ haleyandchad.blogspot.com

3)Jennifer@ jennsblondeambition.blogspot.com

4)Sarah@ fallingforbaby.blogspot.com

5) fineopinion.blogspot.com

6)Kendra@ kendramendez.blogspoy.com

7) mrandmrsg3.blogspot.com

8)Mandy@ coxjourney.blogspot.com

9) vadenlowdown.blogspoy.com

10) Candice@ thepairfamily.blogspot.com

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