Monday, April 5, 2010

Today is the day.

Well its time its been alittle over a month since the twins were born and I think its time to get off my Fat Ass and start to hit the gym again. I'm ready to get the baby weight off and get healthy again. I think I'm going to join weight watchers Ive been hearing some pretty good things about it so today is the day. well actually tomorrow :)..

Easter went well we went to New Orleans with the fam. We took Hudson to go see his Uncle Tyler before he goes out to the Air Force again it was so much fun. They had a Easter parade on Bourbon Street it was so fun there were throwing out beads and Easter stuff. Well let me just tell you I guess this is where the part of the my brain where my bad road rage comes in, We were standing there Zach had Hudson and it was me and nanny in the front then out of nowhere this boy appears and starts hogging all the stuff. my anger starts to come out only after many times Ive asked him nicely to stop. There was this man on the float and he had a bunny and looked at us and said give it to your baby I'm sure you can picture what happen next oh yeah the little boy started to grab it O No You Don't so I kinda pushed lets say tapped (that sounds nicer) out of the way almost in to the very very slow moving float i promise its not as bad as it sounds. I guess a Mommy will do anything for her little turtle. After that we shopped and then headed to the beach. its only a few hours away and it was great Zach,Hudson and I had pictures made it was so fun. It was Hudson first time at the beach he loved it we took him and put his feet in the water and he wanted to play in it. O and the kid also loves to eat sand. He he have a great day and pictures are coming soon.

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  1. Good luck with your weight loss goals! It sounds like y'all had a good Easter. The part about you pushing that greedy boy out of the way made me lol!