Monday, April 11, 2011

33 weeks

                                                                 33 Weeks

~Due Date~May 30th as of right now

~Size of Baby~Holden is the size of a Honeydew

~Weight Gain~12lbs as of Wednesday

~Cravings~Sweet because I cant have it,Orange Juice, and Candy

~Maternity Clothes~Pants yes still in some of my regular tops

~Sleep~Been sleeping better at night I guess cause I get up early in the morning and chase a toddler Ha

~Symptoms~Heartburn is really Bad, getting sick in the mornings again

~Movement~He moves all the time and at night we put stuff on my belly and he knocks it off

~Gender~Its a Boy Holden Lane Morrison

Its getting close I'm really excited and the nesting has began to set in

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