Tuesday, April 19, 2011

34 Weeks

34 Weeks

~Due Date~May 30th as of right now

~Size of Baby~Holden is the size of a cantaloupe

~Weight Gain~10lbs as of Friday I lost 2lbs

~Cravings~Sweet because I cant have it,Orange Juice, and Candy,Salads

~Maternity Clothes~Pants yes still in some of my regular tops

~Sleep~I hurt at night when ever I move, my pelvic and back

~Symptoms~Heartburn is really Bad,  if I'm up on the move I'm good but once I'm down I'm down for the count

~Movement~He moves all the time and at night we put stuff on my belly and he knocks it off

~Gender~Its a Boy Holden Lane

We cleaned out and got Hudson old newborn clothes out for Holden and this child is going to have so many clothes its not funny. This pile is not even combined with the new stuff we got him.

I cant wait for this little sweetie to meet his baby brother 

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