Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Bunny and Build a Bear

Tonight we went to go see the Easter Bunny. Once again Hudson was not a fan. Just like last year. Zach sat him down on his lap and he started to kick and yell. He was crying but no tears were coming out after the picture was done he even waved goodbye to the Easter Bunny. Then it was off to build a bear. This was our first time in there and he had fun. Also Hudson had his school Easter egg hunt and party I was worried that he wouldn't catch on but the teachers assured me that he would. I went to pick him up and saw his Easter basket full of eggs. It looks like he caught on fast. They ate cupcakes and dyed some Easter eggs. Get ready for a picture overload.

Easter Bunny 2011

Easter Bunny take 2

Getting ready for school

I got an egg

I'm going to dump it

Giving his dog a heart

Loving his doggie

All done

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