Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Want Thursday

Lets see this is not a good topic that would go with a Thursday but I'm doing it anyways.
What I want Thursday is going to be before Baby Holden gets here.

Lets just take a small little glimpse into my wonderful Zachary's head.
1~He loves to wait until the absolute last min to do anything or finish anything. He loves the challenge
2~He loves to take on a challenge right before a baby gets here(Hudson,Holden)
3~Meaning poor Hudson's nursery got done 4 days before he was born ;)
4~Lets see we moved into our house a big 2 weeks before Hudson was born.
Don't get me wrong he works so hard for us and I'm not by no means complaining he just likes to work under-pressure Like I said a Challenge....

It looks like we are following the same traditions considering we are now going month to month since our lease has been up since August. We are working on getting a house but it needs to be fixed up to say the least we are looking around and its really stressing me out. I will more than likely have Holden in about 6 weeks the middle of May. My Dr will end up inducing me at 38 weeks because he is cool like that ha-ha. Depending on how much Holden is weighing in because of my lovely GD.... Its hard I want to start nesting but I don't want to nest on a house that is not mine.... I want to finish Holden nursery and not at the last min either. I have already picked up his bedding I decided on the Serene and Lilly. We went with something simple in color so we could mix up the sheets and pillows. I remember I got so sick of Hudson's bedding because it was so busy now I hate Brown and Teals. I'm in the process of redoing this piece of furniture I got and giving it the antique look. This will be used as Holden changing table as well. I'm going with a simple crib and we might paint that as well. Now we just need a house and rooms and a few wall pieces and were good to go. So to say that I'm stress to the max would be an understatement Ha-ha.

So what I want Thursday is a freaking house and to start decorating rooms also known as Hudson's new toddler room and Holden's nursery... The deadline has been set and its getting really really close. I'm so excited to take this next step in like and have our little family complete. O and did I mention A HOUSE!!!!


  1. I hear ya! We are trying to move too and can't find a house. (Not to mention needing to sell this one too!) So ready for MW to have his OWN room and bed! and stop sharing mine(both room and bed. ;) ). Hope something pops up soon! Would be NO fun to move w/ a brand new newborn!