Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going Crazy Nesting, Crazy Nesting

Hum I have reached the point of where I'm really getting into the nesting part. As much as I would love to be nesting in Holden's room and starting Hudson's toddler room I cant and its driving me crazy. We have found the perfect house 3 bedrooms down and a playroom upstairs and I'm in love so hopefully we will be trying to do something on that soon like soon as in 4 weeks. My due date is May 30th even if I wait to have Holden that's gives us 6 weeks. The Dr and I have already talked about it and I will more than likely be induced at 38 weeks that's when they took Hudson. So lets just say the pressure is on. I fill like poor Holden is getting the Shit end of the deal to put it lightly we still need to get a crib for him. I have found a dresser that's we are going to paint and the bedding is already we just need a room to put it in ha ha. I, having some art done for his room and going to pick out the paint colors this weekend. Ill probably get the crib as well this weekend we have everything just really need to put it together. The only thing that is saving me right now is Holden wont sleep in his room until we get into a house because his room is upstairs and I'm not putting my newborn upstairs while were downstairs halfway across the house. Hudson stayed in the cradle and pack and play until he was almost 4 months old. So I'm good there. I just fill really bad like I'm slacking with this baby. On other hands I have a wonderful friend that monograms for me and here's a few sneak peaks of what she has done for Holden's stuff. Love her and love them.

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