Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have a nice TRIP, See you next FALL (L&D)

Yesterday was going great it was a wonderful day outside and I was out in the Office and went back into the house to go to the bathroom for the 100,000,000.00 time. This time was different Hudson was out in the office sleeping Thank God cause I normally carry him up the stairs.I was outside going into the house and there huge brick stairs Here's the picture/culprit of the stairs.

So long story short Belly caught my fall on about the 3rd step and I was down hill from there I hit the very edge of the brick. I started to cry and called Zach and the Dr so I was on my way to the hospital. I got hooked up to the monitors and they were keeping an eye on both of us and just making sure I didn't cause any damage to my belly and to make sure my placenta was OK. 4 Hours later I got discharged everything looked great I had some pretty intense contractions in there that was on the monitor but nothing to constant so we got to go home. Hudson was so funny in there his mouth would open up real wide and he would smile when he would hear Holden's heartbeat it was so funny I snapped some pictures of us in the room. I'm glad everything turned out OK I have a line on my belly here I fell and a huge bruise on my right knee which really really hurts. But Holden and I are fine now if I could keep the clumsiness down to a minimum we will be doing great.
                                                      Getting into trouble ;)
                                                     Auntie Sam on the phone telling Zach where we are

                                                        Looking at Mommy's Boo Boo

                                                          Looking at the monitors

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