Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend


We started off the weekend by getting Hudson up for a Easter Egg hunt in Arlington. We met my Mom up there and she took him on the egg hunt I thought it was going to be really organized but it wasn't they were supposed to group the kids off by age group 0-2 and so on to the older children well the kids in our age group were like 4 year olds. So it wasn't the best but it was still great and Hudson had a blast. We shopped for a little bit after that and then had to book it to Germantown to have Easter pictures made with Kristin Irby. It was very fun she had a bunny and some chicks.Zach went to finish up a few houses after that and then Auntie Sam,Hudson and I went to her grandparents to eat and play. Hudson was beyond tired when we left and finally fell asleep in the car right before we pulled in the house. Then we grilled steaks and dyed Easter Eggs.

Hunting Eggs

                                                           Nana and Hudson
Our Family
Love the look on his face
Wanting Daddy

 Sunday was another on the go day. Its started off with breakfast with mo mom and brother it was very good and packed. Then it was off to Pickwick for the day. My dad has a house there so he had a huge egg hunt in the woods it was so fun, then we spent some time hanging out and then came home to meet Mimi and Uncle Tyler for an Easter Dinner at Bahama Breeze it was so good and we had a great time. Then we went home watched some TV then it was off to bed for all of us. It was a great Easter and I am so Thankful for everyone and everything in my life.I thank God for my family, friends and most of all for His Son, my Risen Savior. I hope y'all had a very Happy Easter!

                                                      Dying Eggs

Fun Time

Works of Art

Easter Morning

             . Wow

Getting ready to hunt eggs

Found Some


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