Sunday, May 8, 2011

36 Weeks (late post)

36 Weeks

~Due Date~May 30th as of right now

~Size of Baby~Holden is the size of a Crenshaw Melon

~Weight Gain~12lbs as of Friday

~Cravings~salty and cheese dip

~Maternity Clothes~Pants yes still in some of my regular tops

~Sleep~I hurt at night when ever I move, my pelvic and back

~Symptoms~Heartburn is really Bad, if I'm up on the move I'm good but once I'm down I'm down for the count

~Movement~He moves all the time and I'm not going to lie he hurts me hes so strong

~Gender~Its a Boy Holden Lane

I went to the Dr Friday and had gained 2lbs. He checked me and I was so disappointed I would have thought walking would have helped but nothing nada by this time I was already dilated 3 cm with Hudson. I think Holden is going to be more like me a little stubborn. He told me my cervix was soft. I'm just ready to meet him and have him in my arms.

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  1. Yay for 36 weeks! He'll be here before you know it!