Friday, May 20, 2011

Update on Progress with Holden

So I went to the Dr today and if Holden is not born this weekend than his Birthday will be May 25th. I was having lots of contractions this week so when he looked at me and said do you want me to Strip your Membranes I said YES with a big smile on my face....He said that I was at a 4. When I had them striped with Hudson I went into labor the next day so I'm praying for a repeat. He told me I would just spot for a while well I never spot I bleed like I'm having a period. So I'm praying for a baby this weekend. Any suggestion would be very helpful. My Dad has a huge meeting he cant miss and its out of town. So I would love for him to be there for it. So I'm willing to try and make anything work. So let the ideas flow ladies. Thanks Have a Great Weekend.....

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