Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holden's Sprinkle

Sam threw baby Holden a little shower for me Saturday Morning.
Here are the invites they look so cute.

We ate at the Majestic Grill and it was so good. We had a little shower of 6 people out of the 12 we invited we had some having babies, birthday parties, and mothers day plans going on so they couldn't make it. I'm so happy for everyone that could make it. We had a great time it was a little crammed in there so we didn't get allot of pictures. Holden got some cute cute clothes and after we got done eating we went down and walked by the river because I'm sure y'all have heard about all the flood damage were getting. It's so sad. Here are some pictures of Holden's sprinkle.

The pretty flowers on the table

Party favors

All the girls who came

Almost 37 weeks

Nicole and I

Sam,me, and Nicole

I had such a great time and am so lucky to have great friends who care about my family and me so much!!!!!!

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  1. I am so glad you invited me! I had a lot of fun. I just got my invitation in the mail yesterday!!! So I am sorry, I didn't know you were registered in Arlington!!! I have no idea what is up with the mail because it was postmarked on April 29 but DJ said he just got it out of the mailbox yesterday! Weird! Anyways I had a good time!!!

  2. I can't beleave you just got the invite that's crazy it's ok I'm so glad you came to.