Wednesday, May 18, 2011

38 Weeks

Yes I'm still here by this time I had already had Hudson and with Holden no progress.
I'm so discouraged and have tried everything. Hudson wanted to take a picture to so I didn't even get one of my face I was focusing on getting him in it :)
38 Weeks 3 Days

~Due Date~May 30th as of right now

~Size of Baby~Holden is the size of a big baby :)too big and bigger Than a watermelon

~Weight Gain~13lbs as of Friday

~Cravings~salty and cheese dip,fruit, and Gatorade yum

~Maternity Clothes~Pants yes still in some of my regular tops

~Sleep~ what is this I miss you I think we have are days and nights mixed up!!!!!

~Symptoms~ TMI but hey it's my blog :) let's talk about a little thing called Hemorrhoids and let's face it ladies there not fun and nothing is helping no creams no tucks no nothing and it's worse than anything I have ever been threw :(/ plus I've been getting sick the past few nights.

~Labor Symptoms~The past few days I've been going to the bathroom a lot and I'm not talking about #1, tonight I just started to get a watery discharge and I've been having some contractions the past few days. I'm not holding my breath because the past few weeks I've made no progress.

~Movement~He moves all the time and I'm not going to lie he hurts me hes so strong and he is low low low!!!

~Gender~Holden Lane Morrison

I go back to the dr Friday and if I've still not had the baby in the next 2 days he will induce me on Wed or fri of next week which is not ok. so I will probably have a 12# toddler. Im so ready to meet Holden and I just pray I don't have a troubled labor. I'm trying to stay positive but I'm thinking I might have to have an emergency c section if I don't progress after they induce me so just keep me in your thoughts and pray I go into labor soon. On my own.

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