Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hospital Bag

Ok ladies I've always had trouble in this department. What did y'all pack in your hospital bag. Anything that helped y'all out made your stay easier or just more comfy. What could you not live without. Thanks

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  1. I'm not much help. I usually feel some contractions, wait and hour or two for confirmation that, yes, I am actually in labor, grab a bag and fill it with a change of yoga pants and a t-shirt, a going home outfit for baby, my make-up and deodorant and toothbrush and it's off I go. It's weird because usually I'm a planner. I'd probably bring a book along and an ipod dock for my favorite music though the next time around. My friends brought a deck of cards to play while they waited for contractions to get stronger, but that won't work if you decided to have a natural childbirth.

  2. Warm socks and comfy slippers! They were my life saver. I also wish I had brought my own gown instead of wearing a hospital gown.

  3. Slippers with no slip grip on the bottom!
    Also- shampoo and conditioner that makes you feel good when you use it as well as unscented bodywash.
    Toothbrush, toothpaste, blowdryer (my hospital did not have one!)
    Snacks for sure.
    A pillow from home with a weird pillowcase so you know that one is yours.
    Buy an extra cheap camera charger from ebay to keep in the hospital bag because you will forget it when the time comes. Also put a big note on the bag to pack said camera.
    Dark colored nightgown.
    I would aso bring a big brother gift for Hudson for when he meets the baby. It can be from his brother and then make Hudson give a gift to his new brother in return.
    Hair ties-I seem to have lost all of mine.

    Gosh I guess I am a heavy packer but will be packing the same things this time around because it made my stay-even with a weekend induction and c/s a more enjoyable experience.

    Oh! A change of clothing for daddy and some toiletries. Bring 2 if you are having a c/s. As well as an extra pillow and blanket for him if he will be staying with you.

    Also- socks for the baby. My hospital did not have any and her tootsies were cold! I made my DH drive home to get her some clothes and socks.

    I could think of things forever. One thing I did not need was a huge diaper bag packed for the babe.

    Birthing ball was FABULOUS during labor.