Monday, May 23, 2011

39 Weeks(2 days before Holden comes)

I will miss this

My last pregnancy tell all post
Here it goes!!!!

~Due Date~May 25th unless he comes earlier(crosses fingers)

~Gender~Holden Lane Morrison

~Size of baby~Holden is probably the size of a toddler :)

~Cravings~not much just some candy and pizza

~Maternity Clothes~Pants but my normal tops

~Symptoms~pelvic pressure,contractions and heart burn

~Labor Signs~Yes lots of contractions and I'm at 4cm

~Sleep~what is this so called sleep

~Movement~he's still moving just not as much but stronger

~Weight~I have gained 14lbs this pregnancy

If Holden doesn't come on his own which I'm praying he will I will be induced on Wed May 25. We went to go see a movie tonight and I was having contractions threw the whole movie and continue to still have them. I'm ready to meet Holden but I will miss being pregnant. I'm not going to lie. I'm really worried about having a very hard labor. I hope everything goes smooth and that were both ok. If you could keep us in your prayers it would be greatly appreciated, I hope he doesn't weight outrageous they wouldn't give me an ultra sound to check but I hope my GD hasn't effected him. I'll keep y'all updated.
Have a great week!!!

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