Sunday, May 1, 2011

March of Dimes Walk

Yesterday was the March of Dimes walk. It turned out to be such a pretty morning. We had a lot of people show up to walk for Our Angels of Grace team. I was planning on not walking just because I didn't know how it would effect me being 9 months pregnant I certainly didn't want to walk my self into labor. Ha. I had a dr appt Friday morning and I asked him if I could walk and he said it would be fine. So we had Hudson's stroller and uncle Tyler was pushing him because he was wanting to run. Zach and our friends were on our way. We got to mile 1 and I'm not going to lie I was dying. Remember I have been pregnant for 3 years so exercise was not a big part of my life. I had lots of support from Zach and some great friends who stuck by me. The race was supposed to be 4 miles but it really turned out to be a little under 5 miles. I was about to die when I crossed the line but I did it and was so happy for myself. I'm glad I didn't give up I would have really regretted it. So yes I can say I walked 5 miles 9 months pregnant. It was a big accomplishment and it was for our sweet baby girls. We ended up raising 870.00$. I could barley move when I got done and about mid way I started to have some contractions that lasted threw the day and into night. I also went to Arlington in April. I got Holden this old antique dresser that is absolutely amazing. So I waddled my self all around and am actually feeling pretty good today. Hopefully I'll have made some progress by Friday. I hope y'all had a good weekend. Here's some pictures of the race.


Zach and I at the finish line

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