Sunday, February 13, 2011

24 Weeks plus a little scare

I am 24 Pregnant. Just a tad little behind.

Ive been feeling pretty good lately had some pelvic pressure and some back pain and that's about it.
My cravings have been the same and really everything has been the same so I wont bore you with the survey. I had a Dr appt a week ago Friday and I was up 2 lbs and everything looked great. The little scare I had was when I was 23 weeks pregnant and a few days. I had terrible pains in my stomach that I didn't really know what it was but its a little embarrassing but it turned out to be gas huh got to love it but I took some meds and went to bed and felt alittle better. Thursday was the big scare it all started around 5pm Zach and I were going to dinner and I started to have a few Braxton Hicks it was more than 4 and hour but they really weren't hurting just alittle uncomfortable. So we went to eat and I downed lots and lots of water that seemed to help alittle well they started back up around 10 that's when I started to get worried they were coming back and I just had lots and lots of pressure on my belly. Then my lower back started to hurt that's what really scared me I had really bad back labor with the twins and I was honestly thinking this was it and I was just about to reach 24 weeks this cant be happeing again. I told Zach we might need to go to the ER I didn't want to freak him out. I called the 24 hour nurse and she said to time them and if I really felt that I had to go to the ER go. They all know my history because Ive literally been pregnant for almost 4 years now... I took some meds to try to calm down and just relax she told me to try to go to the bathroom and see if that helped the baby was moving so much so I wasn't really that worried and I know deep down that this was not real labor and decided to hold off because I had a Dr appt the next day. I went to the bath room and felt a little better and just began to pray to God to keep this baby boy safe and I let him know that I knew he was in control and we were in good hands. So I laid down and got some rest. The next day the Dr appt went great he checked me and I was still Thick, and Closed just what I wanted to hear the Heartbeat was great and as he was doing it the baby kicked the wand off my belly it was so funny. So things are great and I have made it another week I fill so blessed for everything I have. This baby is a kicker and he moves all the time I don't think he ever sleeps it was so different with Hudson he only moved early in the morning or late at night I cant wait to meet this baby boy. I told Zach he better come up with a name this week I have stuff to buy and were ordering his bedding and I want it monogrammed and it take 6 to 7 weeks to make it. So its another little way for me to put pressure on him for the name. I hope y'all have a great weekend and Vday.


  1. Glad things worked out well for you. No more little scares, okay? :)

  2. Glad things calmed down. Stay on top of it though those are all things that I went through too. Praying you have a healthy full term baby.

  3. I am so glad everything is ok!! Praying!!!