Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A New Bath Toy AKA Gross

So out of all of the 18 months I have been bathing my child he has never once pooped in the tub. My friend always told me it would happen one day but I figured I would cross that bridge when I got there Well today my friends I was there ha. I had just got done feeding Hudson Zach was still at work he ate two hot dogs and half a tub of strawberries. He was a mess so I gave him a bath. We were playing and he stood up and I heard him toot I laughed and said don't you do it. Then Zach called and I was talking to him and told him Hudson just pooped in the tub and I had to go. Hudson started to laugh when he saw what he did so I got him out and was cleaning out the tub and he walked in our room and peed on the carpet so nice ha ha. What can you do nothing but laugh its the little things in life that make you laugh. I'm writing this down in the mommy book. Ha have a good night.

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