Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Tale of a Waxing and a Wreck

Let me tell you it started off as a really good day. I was excited to go to the spa and have some me time. Zach watched Hudson for me. So it was off to the spa. I have never gotten anything waxed before except my eyebrows. I was curious about how a bikini or even a Brazilian wax would work or fill. So I just went for it my belly is getting big and its hard to shave my legs much less anything else. Let me tell you its not as bad as I thought Ive read so many different things about how your more sensitive down there and the blood flow so I'm not going to lie I was sweating bullets when I walked threw the door. It was very nice and the people made you fill welcomed and comfortably. I was very please with it and will totally be back it just makes sense to have it done and am really bummed that I didn't do this earlier. So I was done in a great mood and on my way to get my Pedi. So I Thought.....

I was at a red light turning right and this guy was in front of me and I keep thinking why is this fool not going no one was coming well last thing I saw was this dude pulling out into the intersection and STOPPING so what happened to me that's right I hit him right in the freaking butt. Smashed his bumper in but it didn't hurt my car my super ford explorer that's thing has been threw hell and back and has treated me so good I love my car. So me being pregnant am so thankful the airbag didn't go off. That's all I need is for something to happen to this beautiful baby, He wasn't hurt and he didn't call the cops I think because he knew it was sorta his fault and I was pregnant and didn't want me to get a ticket. So we exchanged info and insurance and that was that. What a great way to end the day. I'm thankful no one was hurt and that Baby Boy and I were OK. So when I thought the waxing would be bad the freaking wreck was worse. I hope every one has a great rest of the weekend. See y'all Monday. For my 26 week post. So excited

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