Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Fun and Birthdays and Snow

So I'm like a whole week behind on these post so there not from this weekend there from the weekend before. We had allot of fun last weekend we had a Birthday party to go to on Saturday from one of the girls from high school her little girl was turning 3 and she had here party and Pump it Up. That's like a big party room with lots of blow up mazes and slides and games. Hudson had a blast I couldn't get too many pictures because it was so hectic. Zach was supposed to meet us there but had got caught up with work because some contractor jacked allot of stuff up so he didn't get to make it which was sad for Hudson because he didn't get to do much I was not going to try to fight these kids climbing up this rope and inflatable steps being 6 months pregnant and plus I don't think they would of let me either Thank Goodness one of our friends took him a few times on the slide and he loved it I only got 1 picture of them sliding down which was sad but it will be OK.

He really enjoyed it.

 waiting on cake Yummy

Then we went home and waited for Zach and got ready for Dinner with friends we had so much fun and it was great catching up. Nicole's little boy Phoenix is just 2 weeks younger than Hudson and he is so funny and outgoing they had so much fun together. Here are some pictures.

                                          Sharing Peanuts So Cute

                                       I love his face its priceless

                                           Phoenix he looks just like his daddy

                                          Hudson having fun with a coat Hanger
 Monday was unexpected so we got about 2 inches of snow which this is like a record for Memphis to get snow so far this year so I went to the store and got some goodies and we stayed in and watched movies. We didn't get out in the snow this time because we were pretty much over it. O we did go eat lunch with Mimi and had a wonderful time at Firebirds it was so good. Then as we were watching the news they were predicting a big snow storm Wed. No one really ever pays attention to the news because most of the time there wrong but this time they were right I was going crazy being locked up in the house half the week so I was about to get Hudson up and go grab a bite to eat. But it started to snow and it was a little crazy so we just stayed in plus Hudson was getting alittle sick turns out he has a cold and is getting two more molars nice.
We ended up getting 4 to 6 inches of snow and when Zach got home I begged him to take us out to eat because we were locked up for a few days so we journey out into the snow and got somethings to eat. The only time Hudson got to play in the snow was when we went to the mailbox and let him get in the driveway I didn't want him to get worse than what he was and then Daddy kicked snow on him and he would just laugh.

                                           Love Him So Much

We had so much fun and if y'all lasted this long threw this then power to you.


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