Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Zoo Day

It was beautiful this weekend. So we soaked it up. Sunday we got up and went to eat breakfast and it was Amazing well any food is to me right now but still ha ha. Then we decided to go to the Zoo along with every other person but it was a perfect day to go. Mimi meet us there and we enjoyed a great fun filled day at the Zoo. Then we went to go eat at Pearls Oyster Bar it was really good and it was just a real nice time we all had together. Hudson hadn't had a nap the whole day so he was worn out when we got home well I cant lie we all were. We called it a night and went to be early. Here's some Zoo pictures.

Hudson playing with the tigers tail


Feeding Time for the Bears

Taking it all in

Who Rocked the Boat

At Dinner Tired Baby

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