Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

We had the best Valentines Day. It started off a great day anyway because it was so pretty outside. I got Zachs and Hudsons gifts wrapped and we had gone out ti dinner Friday night without Hudson so we were going to grill out steaks and stuff as a family. We went to the store last mintute and there was no meat left so then we just decided to go somewhere. That was fun trying to find a place but we finally decided on a place by our house that has pretty good steaks. We came home and opened gifts and just spent the night togeather as a family it was great and one of the best Valentines Days Ive had in a while. I got Zach a portable Scanner for his office and he loved it. We got Hudson some toys and candy and a pillow pet. He loves loves loves the pillow pet he even sleep with it last night. Zach and Hudson got me a new Pandora Bracelet this will be my third one but its differnt than my others it the leather strap and I absolutely love it along with two more charms.

Hudson opening his presant

Haha his face

Reading his card from Daddy and I

Daddy opening his gift

My Gift

I hope yall had a great Vday I know we did. ( sorry if spelling is off it wouldnt let me check it Boo)

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