Saturday, February 26, 2011

A year ago this weekend ( our baby girls)

This is going to be a hard weekend and week for me. It all started a year ago this weekend I was 20 weeks pregnant with the girls. I wasn't feeling to well so I called the dr. I told them my symptoms and they told me to take it easy I was having some Braxton hicks contractions so I thought this was a Saturday so I put myself on bed rest for the weekend. Sunday I just slept most of the day and Monday I was feeling a little better so I got up and did a few things I remember being sick throwing up all day Monday. Once again I didn't think anything about it. I felt so Stupid for not seeing or putting all the symptoms together then Tuesday morning I woke up and had lots of back pain and I couldn't go to the bathroom I woke Zach up and told him I was going to call the dr. He never misses any of the appt. It was early I didn't want to get Hudson up so early he was on 7 months at the time. So I told him it was probably just a bladder infection and I would be fine and for him to stay home. So I drove myself to the hospital where my normal dr was that day.

I was at the dr and I was having to wait I didn't fill my contractions so I didn't think I was I'n labor. They told me to go to the bathroom so they could check my urine but I tried for like 10 min and I couldn't go. They moved me to the room and dr Giddens came I'n I told him what was going on and that's when he checked my cervix and that's when my world came crashing down I knew something was wrong when he told me to cough. It wasn't good. I just started to cry. Next thing he told me was Kristin your I'n labor. I was I'n shock how could this be and how come my body couldn't hold my baby girls in. We went over on what would happen next. He told me to call Zach and have him up here ASAP. This all was a blur to me as I was calling Zach I could barley get I'n a word because I was crying so hard all I could get out was hurry it's not good. He was trying to find a sitter for Hudson and it felt like forever I was on my own and terrified. Dr Giddens sent me to a specialty ultrasound tech so we could see what the girls were doing it turns out they had TTTS ( twin to twin transfusion syndrome ) it only happens I'n identical twins. Mallory was taking all of Marys fluids and nutrients. Zach finally made it there and he was so strong aNd just being there for me. By then the contractions were coming on strong. I got wheeled into a room and hooked up to monitors and meds to try and stop the labor.
Giddens came I'n with a plan. It turns out my my fluid was too much so he was going to do an animo I think that's what u call it to drain some of the fluid off my belly and sew up my cervix then the next day they were going to fly me to Houston tx to get a laser surgery to help the girls out with the TTTS. Then if that worked then I was to stay I'n the hospital till I had the babies. That sounded like a plan. I really don't remember much after that I was I'n a daze. I also didn't know that my life was at risk also. I'm probably skipping allot of details. I was I'n the room with the nurses and they had my bed turned up to wear my head was almost touching the ground to relieve pressure off my cervix. The dr was talking to zack about what was going to happen. He said if this failed He needed to take the babies because they were also harming my body. He knew We both new deep down the babies were I'n trouble. All the medicine they were giving me made me sick and I threw up that's when I felt my water broke and I just started to scream no and crying my blood pressure was dropping and they told me i had to push. I don't Remember
what time I would have to look back at my post a year ago but it was on the afternoon our beautiful baby girls were born on Tuesday March 2. They were with us for about 45 min. Zach and I held them forever. they weighed a little over a pound each. We had the chaplain come in. I will post more later it's getting hard and it's a long story to read so if you made it threw thank you. Please keep our Family I'n yalls thoughts. This week.

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